Saturday, March 5, 2011

101 Things I Love

I got the idea to do this from a friend on Facebook. At first I thought, how am I going to come up with that many things? Well, you'd be surprised that it's not that hard... so far, I've come up with over 50 things. When I come up with more, I'll make a new post with the additions. Here they are in no particular order...

♥ Ed (hubby) ♥ my family ♥ love ♥ hanging laundry outside ♥ summertime ♥ lemony desserts ♥ music ♥ fairies ♥ a really good sale ♥ ladybugs ♥ Mom visits ♥ stamping ♥ my house ♥ Thanksgiving ♥ vacation walks on the beach after dinner ♥ cooking ♥ purple & pink (even though I'm an earthtones gal) ♥ taking pictures ♥ my craft room ♥ the smell in the air before it snows ♥ reading ♥ Brighton ♥ friends ♥ Tab & Coke Zero ♥ family dinners & the crazy conversations that go on ♥ chocolate ♥ my boots (3 pairs) ♥ being creative everyday ♥ Hilton Head ♥ magazines ♥ sister time ♥ cool mornings ♥ Turkey Hill ice cream (Death By Chocolate the best!!) ♥ Soma lingerie ♥ hummingbirds ♥ my garden ♥ BE & MAC (double love) ♥ holding hands ♥ lunch out with girlfriends ♥ Copic markers ♥ soaking up the sun while relaxing on the deck ♥ teaching classes ♥ Teavana ♥ my birthday week (yes WEEK) ♥ slow drives in the country... so I can take more pictures ♥ Michael Parkes art ♥ crocheting ♥ anything paranormal ♥ shopping, even if I don't buy ♥ going to the movies in a stadium-style theater (AMC Theaters) ♥ snuggling ♥ Red Robin's chocolate malt milkshake ♥ the leaves turning in fall ♥ sweet potatoes ♥ my Kindle ♥ books (even though I have the Kindle) ♥ snow covered trees ♥ hot chocolate ♥ Starbucks mugs ♥ candlelight ♥ watching tv (I'm a tv-aholic) ♥ daisies ♥ dressing up ♥ salad making with Holly (daughter-in-law, it's a process!) ♥ Ed's cooking ♥ road trips ♥ Belgium white chocolate macadamia creamer in my coffee ♥ fireworks ♥

I counted them up and it's a whopping 67 things I came up with in a fairly short period of time. I've never made a list like this and can't say I've ever consciously thought about the subject. So... what do you love and how many things can you come up with?

Til the next time...

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