Friday, March 4, 2011

Twisted Valentines Day Card

So... my neighbor and I were stamping a bunch of cards from our stamp club that we hadn't gotten to finish during club. One of the cards was for Valentines day. Well, she proceeded to tell me about a good friend of hers who wanted to give her hubby a card that said "I f 'ing love you". I had no idea how we were going to accomplish this, but while I was working on my card, I started to cut apart the letters that spelled love. Next, I was turning them upside down and playing with them to see if I could get the letters we needed to pull this off. Well, never let it be said that SHEER determination will not eventally get you exactly what you need.

The stamps and papers are all SU!, but the love and little hearts are actually from a Martha Stewart punch that came out last year.  Here's the creation:

This was the front of the card. Looks very innocuous. Cute with lots of love and hearts and hugs and kisses... la la la la la

then... scroll down some more...

When you open the card, this is what you see. Because I couldn't get an "ing" out of the word love, we decided that we would just go with the letter "n." So, it reads,"i fn' love u" which is exactly what her friend wanted. What made us laugh our butts off doing this, was that we got everything from the word love! It's amazing what you can do with the little you have! lol The "f" came from the "l" turned right side up and then another "l" turned upside down to form a cursive style "f." The "n" and "u" are the "v"  in love. Hey, I did the best I could! It was a total scream!

Hope you enjoyed our "twisted" Valentines humor...

Happy stamping till the next time.

Changed My Mind

Last week (Friday?) I posted a bunny card with a cute little saying that read something like this: "it's good to have a friend who's all ears". Well, the more I looked at the pic, the more I wanted it to be an Easter card. I literally became fixated with the card, which isn't good because I have SOOOOO much to do! Anyhoo, I plain ole changed my mind. I stamped another sentiment, used a different punch and it all covered up the cute saying I just didn't want anymore. Gosh, that sounds mean... So, to the right is the card with the saying I actualy like better because it makes me feel like I made Easter cards.

Below is an Easter card I made using one of the SU! stamp sets that was out last year in a mini catalog. I got to use that nice wide ribbon too; never thought that would happen! All in all I am very happy with it. The Happy Easter stamp is Memory Box. I also stamped a sentiment inside; I think that was from PrintWorks, but I'll find out for sure.

Hope you liked these cards. Tomorrow I have a "twisted" Valentines Day card to share that my stamping neighbor and I came up with for a girlfriend of hers to give to her hubby. It truly was TWISTED!!

Happy stamping till the next time!