Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

As you can tell, I haven't posted as I thought I would be able to do, but I have good excuses!! Really, I do... I had such a busy busy summer straight through to the 2nd week of October. Now it's time to get back to business! I will try to catch-up on everything I've neglected through the summer. I promise...

Convention Haul Part 2

I was so darned excited when I saw all these little gems and pearls! They were a total steal! I don't remember what booth this was but everything on the one side of the booth was $1. I did as well as I would have in ACMoore or Michaels and better! I love using these embellishments. They really add the perfect touch to your handmade cards. I have bunches of these that I've been collecting and have them stored by color in this carry thingy I have; I'll take pics because it's stored so neatly, I have no problem getting the tiniest gem/pearl any time I need it.

Tessler Stamps (I think they're called although they seem to really be more about stencils) were the only ones at the convention that carried Copic Various Inks. Since I have been in desparate need for some time now, I took the plunge and bought several bottles. I still need a few more bottles, but I'm going to try and order 5-6 a month and eventually I'll have them all. Speaking of having them all, I only need 17 more Copics and I've got all the markers!! The missing colors are in the grays, which I will get because I notice how differently I am using the various gray families.

If you haven't tried the Copics, it is a must. They are alcohol based markers that are so different from your standard markers. Ranger & ProMarkers are also alcohol based, but the Ranger marker is huge and the ProMarkers don't have as many colors... although I would be interested in seeing how many colors they have that would fill in some of the Copic "gaps."

This was one item I had not counted on getting at the convention. However, they do those darn demos for a reason! I got all these bottles and believe it or not, I have colors I still need. I was making a Halloween card 2 days ago and really wanted a more plumy spray and an orange spray. Somehow, I have no orange. Or red. How can I still need more?? Talk about annoying... especially when you're in the middle of a project! I have to work on filling in those missing colors at some point. The colors are so pretty! I have enjoyed using them, which has been in full force where the whole background was covered and sparsely for a more delicate look. The Halloween card I did will be posted below; it's the one with the Stampendous spider with candy corn. Too cute!

Halloween Cards

I'm not super big on Halloween and only 1 person I know is, but I still wanted to make some cards this year. Here are a few that I finished up with this past week. The first 4 card pics were made with a SU! set that is discontinued. Don't ask what it is because I don't have it and stamped those images about a year ago. :-( It's probably my favorite one and I didn't buy it before it went out! This set is especially nice because it's more cute than scary. Living in the south, most people don't like anything having to do with scary Halloween; they like cute and cuddle Halloween. :-) Just like me! hehe

This vampire card was fun because I stamped a hanging spider inside and gave him googly eyes. Someone will have a little surprise when they open this one!

I have to say that I am really liking the Stampendous cling stamps. Anything to save some room!! The stamps on the envie are just $1 stamps from Michaels. So, this is the card the got the full spray for a background. I really didn't know what my plan was, I just started spraying until I liked it, which is how I also figured out that I needed a few more colors. LOL Hmmm, I bet if I ask hubby, he will think I don't need a single thing. I do have to laugh about this though because my hubby thinks I truly have every single stamp and supply that is out there to have. I told him I can make that come true if he doesn't stop saying that! Boy would that be mean! I need to be nice... he's making dinner tonight. Maybe I'll make brownies... it's raining and feels like a brownies with ice cream for dessert night. Just what my waistline needs!

Anyway, that's it for now. Stay tuned because I have another couple of posts coming out this week. My computer shut down in the middle of me posting (for an update) so I decided to work on a couple of goodie projects for Halloween. I'll share later.

Happy stamping til the next time!