Friday, February 18, 2011

Computer Problems/Valentines Card

Hey all... my laptop went belly up. Thank goodness I suspected something awful was going on and had already started to move files to an external hard drive. I couldn't back up or anything and everything moved slower than molasses!! I do have a desktop available and I can use hubby's laptop once he gets home at night, so I'm not completely stuck. Once I move all the files to my desktop, I will continue with the card shares. I've only been without the laptop for 2 days and never realized just how attached I am to the darn thing! It may be 3 weeks before I get it back... bummer!

Anywho... I took this picture of a card I made for hubby for Valentines Day. The stamp is by Great Impressions; I adore their stamps!! This card turned out so super cute. The pic does it no justice... Tried brightening it a bit, but it still didn't pick up all the details I see when holding it.
Happy stamping til the next time!